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Tuesday Twitter roundup

This is just a stay, but it means the CoA panel thought it was likely that at least some of the gerrymandered districts would not hold up under court scrutiny.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Aw, dang it. I really like her. 18 years is a lot of public service, though. We wish you the best, Susan.

Black Friday alternatives


As a consumer, you have power, and the responsibility to use that power wisely. Find such outlets and share with your friends, starting with this one:

Benevolence Farm was built on the premise of mercy and sincere belief in second chances. Our program provides a transitional employment and living program for women leaving North Carolina prisons. We recognize that change must come from within, but can be cultivated and inspired through a supportive, natural environment. Our goal is to give our participants the time and space — figuratively and literally — to make real, lasting changes. Our residents develop skills in sustainable farming, small business practices, food preparation and presentation in an environment that fosters improved physical, spiritual and financial health. Residents actively contribute to the well-being of the farm, staking a claim in the program’s — and more importantly their own — success.

Everybody deserves a second chance, and formerly incarcerated women have multiple barriers to overcome. These products are innovative and organically produced by some great women, so spread the word.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

If you're not reading the Daily Tarheel on a regular (if not daily) basis, you are missing out.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

This is needed very much. The rich county vs. poor county issue has gotten worse every year.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

We can do (a lot) better than this.

2021 NC Municipal Elections


Property taxes, water & sewer rates, downtown revitalization, planning & zoning, police and fire departments, affordable housing, all of these things and more are determined by your local elected officials. And your vote in these elections carries more weight than in any other elections, especially since turnout is historically low. Just do it. In and out with the quickness, no lines or very short ones (see turnout). I'm going right now to vote, and then work the polls, as long as my energy holds up...

Tuesday Twitter roundup

We're going to do things a little different this time, featuring people and orgs doing good stuff. ProgressNC is one of them, and here are more:


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