Tuesday Twitter roundup

It is incredibly important, our very democracy hangs in the balance. And that deadline is the Republicans' fault, not the Supreme Court.

Good question, but don't expect an accurate answer.

Remember what I said about Wake County setting a good example? I did say that, didn't I? I've been having some weird deja vu stuff going on lately...

That is pretty cool...

Snowjobs? Oddjobs? Handjobs? Paintjobs? I could go on...

To be fair, none of us really believed Trump could win, until it was too late. I mean, come on. He's filed bankruptcy so many times he can't count the times.

Didn't you already try that? Or am I having deja vu again?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure those things were already against the law. But thanks anyway.

Of course you need onions. And a table with chairs so you can breathe, because damn.

Welcome back to the 1950's. Sheesh.

On that sexist note, here's your Onion:

Now that is f**king funny. :)



What we see in the redistricting case...

is a pretty clear sign that the NCSC is likely to overturn this gerrymander (per their previous precedent) and not give the Legislature time to run out the clock. I wouldn't be surprised to see this on their docket and decided very quickly, with an time limit for the Legislature to produce a constitutionally-acceptable map and beyond that will impose a set of neutral, third-party maps. We'll see what the ultimate outcome is (i.e., do legislative Dems cave to save their own safe seats, does the SC impose its own maps, etc.) and hopefully it will be somewhere in the range that Dems can regain some control over more of the seats, both state and federal.