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    I am a firm believer in the value of information; that the more we know, the better we can solve life's myriad problems. But making sure that information is accurate is not always easy, it requires at least a minimum of due diligence in checking sources, preferably multiple, independent, primary sources. Unfortunately, way too many people take the exact opposite route. And of course their conclusions suffer from it.

    I hesitate to bring religion into this discussion, but it is already there anyway, so what the hell: The concept of "faith," or believing in something in the absence of scientific proof, has so permeated evangelical Christian dogma that it dominates their entire outlook on life. They revere Jesus, but it's figures like John the Baptist who strike their fancy. Ragged, unkempt, wandering the wastelands ranting and raving, warning of dire consequences. Or the other John (probably not his real name) who was exiled to the Isle of Patmos because he was (very likely) insane.

    My point is, it's not the scholars, it's not the well-read, it's not the consensus-seekers who should be listened to. It's those on the fringe, who have distanced themselves from critical thinking and social interaction. People like Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and (yes) Donald Trump.

    So, now that we've figured out why they follow such false prophets, we should be able to make progress in reversing that mindset, right? Wrong.

    They may be depriving themselves of accurate information, but they have also become very skilled at avoiding the "introspection" that might have freed them from such ignorance. And one of those skills is the "segue," the fluid move from one debate topic to another, before their painful lack of understanding on the previous topic can be completely exposed.

    But in order to do that they must dominate the conversation, dictate the subject matter being discussed. Now, this might seem to defy logic, that a poorly-informed individual would have the confidence to take charge. But the thing is, they've witnessed it in action for years.

    Fox News hosts have been doing it since the early days. Pose a question to a hostile (Liberal) guest, interrupt said guest halfway through his or her answer, make a personal judgment, throw another question out there, interrupt, judge, change the subject with a new question, interrupt, judge, etc.

    It's a corrupted formula, that any clear-thinking individual would see right through. But it appears to be successful. The rude and disingenuous host appears to win the exchange. And that debate formula has been absorbed by the conservatives who dutifully watch Fox News. They don't just spew the talking points, they play the entire game.

    Don't waste your time by playing along.

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    Really, what you're seeing with the Amazon union vote is the result of many decades of right-wing propaganda that a) unions are run by corrupt thugs that just take all your money and b) if you vote in a union, they'll close your plant.

    That's what has me concerned about that "right to work/right to get screwed" NC constitutional amendment proposal. That would tip the balance fully towards big business with no accountability, with only an overwhelming change in the legislature and NC voters to overturn it.

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    Don't get me wrong, I'm glad (giddy, actually) to see President Biden supporting organized labor. And it's going to take actions like that to nudge the fence-sitters.

    But Uncle Joe only pulled 36.6% of the total votes in Alabama last November, and the pro-union vote pulled just 29%. Now, that's a long way from cause & effect, but it's definitely something to contemplate. Just because you want to help, it doesn't mean you will.

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    The "party of less government" at it again. Yet the gullible believe everything they are told by the GOP.

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    really pisses me off. Can you imagine police dragging John Hood out of his home in handcuffs? Nope, wouldn't happen. Leonard Pitts is published in large and small newspapers across the damn country, and there's no way in hell those cops did not know who he was. But they dragged him out anyway, just because some Nazi jackass made an anonymous accusation. Grrr...