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    We have Precinct/County/State meetings every year, but only elect officers every two years. Unless there's a vacancy? I was Precinct Vice Chair for 6 years or so, but had to beg off this year. Not enough free time to do what should be done, and going to work too early in the dang morning (get up at 4) for the late-night texts and phone calls.

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    We need a state version of Howard Dean's "50 State Strategy" that worked with Obama. Nationally, we're still seeing the seeds planted during that effort with stronger showings by Democratic candidates in areas that were previously GOP strongholds.

    This has to be a long-term effort - not just some big splashy thing for one election cycle. Short-term thinking is the major flaw in the current culture of the NCDP leadership.

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    I think it's in February. Not a lot of time.

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    Part of the challenge is the nature of the leadership job, I know I couldn't do it, not for a minute. It's gotta be frustrating as hell ... all the sniping from armchair quarterbacks like me. I don't envy anyone doing this work.

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    I wish I had a better sense of the party power structure, but I'm not plugged in. All I can do is watch from the sidelines and hope for a new direction.

    Maybe Governor Cooper will step in to push the party forward, but he's got his hands full playing whack-a-mole with the Party of Hate. Josh Stein could also lead, but he's got his own fish to fry.

    Beyond those two, the leadership picture seems dark. People seem afraid to speak up, no one seems willing to say "the emperor has no clothes."