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    This week's losers are the logically-deprived letter-writers, like Vincent DiSandro:

    The president has done nothing wrong. He asked the president of Ukraine to do us a favor and look into corruption. He didn’t try to hide anything. He released the transcripts.

    Defending himself is not obstruction of Congress. He is also defending the accepted principle of executive privilege utilized by all presidents.

    Trump "asked" for that favor in the age-old style of the Mafia Don: Do this thing for me or it will cost you dearly. It wasn't a bribe, it was a shakedown, which usurped the spending authority of the United States Congress at the same time. Anybody who thinks that's acceptable behavior is an idiot.

    Here's a similar tid-bit from Bob Jenkins:

    During the House impeachment process, Democrats did not allow Republicans to call all the witnesses they wanted. Now in the Senate trial, the Democrats demand they be allowed to present their witnesses. So it seems Democrats can do what they want, however unfair it may be, but Republicans must be held to the highest standards of fairness if it serves the interests of the Democrats.

    Republican House members wanted to call people like Hunter Biden, thinking that would somehow justify the illegal acts of the President. Blocking witnesses with irrelevant information and blocking witnesses with crucial information are vastly different, something Trumpers apparently can't fathom.

    Dennis Berwyn is exceptionally misguided:

    For the the last three years the left has tried to find a way to erase the results of the 2016 election by impeaching President Trump.

    Sen. Thom Tillis has said he will vote “no” on impeachment.

    These articles of impeachment that Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat puppets have advanced are just a failed attempt to distract from the economic boom we are currently experiencing. And Tillis is a big reason for that boom, as he voted to cut our taxes and fought so we can keep more of what we earn.

    He wants to move on from impeachment and do more to help our economy in North Carolina, which is why he has my full support.

    If those reading this think that name sounds familiar, it's because he helped Charles Malone bully female voters back in 2018:

    A voter said Rep. Chris Malone asked her whether she was preparing to vote twice while she waited at an early-voting site this week, in an attempt to intimidate her.

    Another woman said she overheard a man connected to the Malone campaign ask much the same question of a voter on the first day of early voting last week. She did not know the man’s name but forwarded to the investigative news organization ProPublica a picture of Dennis Berwyn, Malone’s campaign manager, taken at the early-voting location that day.

    Berwyn adamantly denied that he asked anyone if they were voting twice. “That is not something that would ever come out of my mouth,” he said.

    Jennifer Rudolph said she was at the polls last Wednesday, on the first day of early voting, when she saw Berwyn approach a Latina voter.

    “A woman walked up to get in line,” Rudolph said. “As she passed the Malone staffer, the campaign manager leaned forward, took a step into her and asked if it was her second time voting today. She said no and walked away to vote.”

    I didn't bring that up as an ad hominem attack on the letter writer, it was to demonstrate either his a) Lack of judgment (he actually believes that people are multiple voting), or b) Dishonesty (he doesn't think they're multiple voting, he's just using that as an excuse to intimidate mostly female voters).

    Either way, giving any credence to his LTE would be a mistake.

    I'll finish today's entry with some nonsense from Steven Metzler:

    President Trump thankfully understands the danger and horrible behavior of the world’s No. 1 exporter of terror, Iran.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats passed a war powers resolution in the House that only aids and supports the mullahs.

    It is time that a government that pledges “death to America” and the destruction of Israel sees that someone will fight back.

    Shame on Pelosi and her followers. God bless President Trump.

    Arguably the world's #1 exporter of terrorism is Saudi Arabia. You know, the country that supplied almost all of the 9/11 hijackers? They've also funded ISIS, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and very likely Al Shabab and Boko Haram. Not to mention the murder and dismemberment of a Washington Post reporter. And your idol Donald Trump considers King Salmon and his murderous son close friends and allies, and has sent American troops to protect their @#$%67 oil fields.

    Shut the fuck up Steven, you're out of your element.

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    to write this, so I won't miss any juicy op-eds. But I've got to drive somebody (out of town) to an early morning appointment, and I probably won't be back until 9-10 a.m.

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    From Trump and Tillis on down, the willingness of human beings to piss on other human beings without a second's thought.

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    in my (almost) six years on our Town's Planning Board is that NIMBY crosses political party lines virtually unnoticed. A few days before the election in my recent campaign for Alderman I tried to have a reasoned discussion about the need for affordable housing, and it cost me numerous votes.

    Two major themes emerged from people who opposed the idea, a) They can go live somewhere else, and b) My property values will plummet. Many of those same people talked about how they had struggled with housing affordability back in the day (so they should have understood), and how they had "worked hard" to get where they are and didn't want to lose it.

    In other words, I got mine, to hell with other people. We have to stop thinking like that.

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    crap like this, because it has the flavor of gossipy tabloid stuff.

    But misogyny and abuse have to be addressed whenever they show up, because the courts can't change society. That's not their job. Their job is to intervene and "resolve" individual issues like this, which often leads to little or no real punishment.

    So it's left up to society to police itself, and that may be best accomplished using "shame." Not just shaming the abuser, but demonstrating that the behavior itself is shameful, and will no longer be ignored or rationalized. Men who read stories like this might not change what they believe, but it may force them to keep those beliefs to themselves, and the actions that they may have contemplated. That may be all the victory we can hope for.