Tuesday Twitter roundup

Can't have all our eggs in one basket. Because if the basket gets dropped, all your eggs get cracked. You probably didn't need that explanation, but they don't call me Captain Obvious for nothing.

The Coopers are a class act. Every one of them.

I agree 100%. There are some parts that are critical, and the Child Tax Credit is one of them.

You are a bonafide idiot. The bill hasn't been passed in the Senate yet, of course it hasn't changed anything.

Speaking of bonafide idiots, here are two of them.

It doesn't matter what they look like. You won't have to worry about black sludge washing ashore, washing that crap off birds, entire fish ecosystems disappearing overnight, etc.

The states have demonstrated (over and over) they can't be trusted to uphold our Constitutional right to vote. A real American would already be aware of that, so where the f**k did you come from?

Oh great, another right-wing "foundation" supporting religious private schools taking money that should go to public schools. We need a hole in the head a lot more than we need this.

On that disgusting note, here's your Onion:

Just ask your parents, they'll probably get you one. *sigh*