The worm is turning

Congressman Charles Taylor's (NC-11) normally subservient propaganda apparatus today came up with the intestinal fortitude to tentatively remind the Titanic's captain there appears to be an iceberg ahead.

In an editorial aggressively headlined:

Voters deserve some answers from Taylor

the Asheville Citizen Times had the temerity to remind North Carolina Congressman Charles Taylor (R-11) that "hey, cap'm. You know if the ship goes down, there really ain't enough lifeboats."

We have long endorsed Rep. Taylor, a Brevard Republican who represents Western North Carolina counties in the 11th Congressional District, and his constituents have continued to return him to Congress since 1991.

Those bold adventurerers up in the San Francisco of the East weren't sure that was enough to get the attention of a busy man with engine troubles (and perhaps a few disgruntled posh stateroom patrons). So, these particular deckhands went even one step further on the road to insubordination:

Taylor’s office referred calls from reporters about the e-mails to a former staff member, Roger France, who declined to comment.

Actually, guys, he's the former first officer. In Congressional terms, he's what you'd call a "chief of staff." Do you remember him now? And, just in case your Google is on the fritz I'll give you some more deep background on your ship's former second-in-command. Ne's what folks call a "lobbyist" for GE. It's pronounced just like the foyer to a building, lob-bee. And then you hiss. Lob-bee-issssssssss.

And there's more on dear Roger, something to do with what folks in these parts call a "conflict of interest."Ever heard the term? Do I have to help you with the pronunciation. Here's more on that from the Hendersonville Times-News two years ago:

Roger France, Taylor’s top aide for 13 years, officially left his position Feb. 13. But according to a letter issued March 10 by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, France entered into negotiations with regional economic development commission AdvantageWest regarding a job as a lobbyist more than two months before he publicly announced his intent to quit working for Taylor. It also appears that France negotiated on taxpayer’s time. Taylor has said he had no knowledge of the deal.

Just wanted y'all to know what we're dealin' with here. They must be really worried about the approaching 'berg. Otherwise, I can't imagine why ensign Janice couldn't be able to identify Spock. Can you?

Yup, that berg has got their panties in in a twitter, because they went on to risk it all, to say that other than being referred to big Roger:

neither the congressman nor members of his staff have been available to talk about the implications of the e-mails.

Well, maybe they do know there's an iceberg ahead, guys, and they're just too too busy trying to figure out how to get those lifeboats to themselves. You know, they've probably figured out there aren't enough.

But our brave AC-T editorial board crewmembers have not given up on the passengers. It's beautiful how they bravely continue to strive for professional integrity:

The congressman owes his constituents an explanation, if there is one, as to why they shouldn’t jump to conclusions he would rather not have them reach.

Way to go, AC-T. Way to hang it all out there.

You know, all those of you who are friends of AC-T editorial board might want to check on them for bruising. Don't forget, the best abusers bruise where it doesn't show.

And you might want to tell them to invest in some lifejackets.


If only...

If only Schuler could get to the point in his campaign where every negative invokation of Taylor got us thinking right quick of an alternative. As soon as Schuler really gets himself out there, we can consider the Taylor ship sunk.



I'm So Glad

"It's pronounced just like the foyer to a building, lob-bee. And then you hiss. Lob-bee-issssssssss."

I'm so glad that you're on our side.