How to Turn a Republican

This started off as a comment.

When I argue politics with my Republican Dad, I focus on a position that he feels strongly about, which is Veterans care. He is a Vietnam vet and so I bash him over the head every time we talk about how Bush is slashing Veteran's benefits, refusing to give armor, paying mercs 100K to drive trucks full of "sailboat fuel", and anything else I can remember.

I never let him get the last word on these topics, I always leave him with a clear-cut image that Bush is against Veterans.

Then, I also tell him the latest Republican hypocrisy every time we meet. However, I think the thing that finally sunk the ship was this. He always says that Democrats are just as bad as Republicans, just as dirty, just as unethical, just as self-serving. I was in the car with him and we had the following conversation:

Walter Jones Says Save Forests

This just in by email from Mr. Jones:

Washington, D.C. - Third District Representative Walter B. Jones (R-NC) has joined Reps. Ric Keller (R-FL) and Ben Chandler (D-KY) and other lawmakers in voicing his strong opposition to the Administration's fiscal year 2007 budget proposal to sell 304,000 acres of national forest in 41 states in order to fund a five-year extension of the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act.

Charles Taylor's Credibility Crisis

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There was a lot of news and speculation on the Charles Taylor front this weekend. Without getting into an unappetizing debate over the merits of Charles Taylor's front versus Charles Taylor's back, here are the highlights of this weekend's feeding frenzy:

Republican hypocrisy

My mama and daddy were god-fearing Christians and loyal Republicans. They even dragged me along the golden path, arranging for me to get baptized early just in case I got killed being a goofball kid. I was nine at the time of my conversion. Despite their strong Christian beliefs, however, a bright thread of hypocrisy colored their world views. They were racist and homophobic to a fault. And no matter how hard I tried in later years to help them see the light, they believed Republicans walked on water, so to speak.

Monday Action Plans #2 and #3

These are important action plans that have upcoming deadlines.

One deadline could spell the end of hundreds of thousands of acres of our national forests. The other deadline could mean the end of a man's life.

If you haven't taken action on these two items, today is the day to do it! Find out how below the fold

Monday Action Plan #1 Fund IDEA

This week we are going to tackle pushing full funding for the IDEA Act. Robert Peterson wrote this diary last week informing us about IDEA and the fact that the Republican Senate, House and President have been all talk and no action when it comes to funding this program, that is so critical to the education of disabled children.

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