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There's a fresh new face in the Art Pope Puppetshow named Terry Stoops, a fitting moniker if ever there was one. Having drunk the John Locke Foundation's free-market kool-aid in vast quantities, Stoops stoops to a new rhetorical low in today's diatribe about public education. Feel free to go read the whole sorry missive, but if you want to save yourself a headache, just jump to the last line:

Experimentation is the role of the private sector and students, not of the government and education bureaucrats.

I know Pope Puppets aren't supposed to think for themselves, but this statement is so inane that it doesn't even warrant the courtesy of a serious response. I guess we shouldn't expect anything more from people whose ideas are blinded by pure hatred of government.

General Assembly Moves to Reform State Landfills

Eastern North Carolina has been targeted by waste companies as the dumping ground for the rest of the country's trash; these dumps are usually megalandfills that import up to thousands of tons of trash a day into these relatively undeveloped areas that they target. The reason that eastern North Carolina is the target is that the state has a low impact fee on imported trash and the counties targeted are very poor (such as this post about attempts to place a megalandfill in Scotland county). In fact the two requirements a county seems to need to be a target are that it is poor and has an interstate to bring the trash in.

NC Gets Screwed, Not Drilled

Just a couple of quickies: the first lottery indictment has been handed down, and it's unlikely to be the last.

Also, the US House restored the ban on natural gas exploration off the Outer Banks. The amendment came from a Florida Republican, and NC's delegation voted for it 7 to 6. That's every Democrat and coastal Republican Walter Jones voting to restore the ban, and every single (stinking, filthy, rotten, etc.) non-coastal Republican voting to louse up the OBX. Perpwalk: Foxx, Coble, Hayes, Myrick, McHenry, and Charlie "I'd hit a baby for a buck" Taylor.

Russian Bank Owner, Congressman Charles Taylor, Votes Against Democratic Reforms in Russia

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usCharles Taylor is, first and foremost, a businessman. A banker, to be more precise, who survived a fraud scandal at his Blue Ridge Savings Bank due to a change in ethics rules in 1997. A banker who purchased 80% control of a Russian bank in September 2003. A banker who, when presented with an opportunity for more democratic reforms in Russia voted against it.

Howard Coble: Man of Action!

Eric Muller on a recent Howard Coble radio appearance:

Notice first the categorical statement that on the issue of "wiretapping," Coble -- the man in the House responsible for oversight of this very area -- is just "not troubled by any of that."

Period. End of story.

You'd think maybe he'd say something about needing to learn something about the program before making a judgment.

Nope. He's just "not troubled" by reports of government data mining from millions of records of domestic phone calls by American citizens. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Is That Legal?: Howard Coble's Antiterrorism Dreamscape. Go read the whole thing. And don't forget, Howard is not unopposed this year. Make your next stop Rory Blake's page.


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