Wingers Clear the Field for McHenry

We all know politics is a contact sport, but that doesn't make it any less offensive when you see crap like this. The big cheeses on the right wing apparently leaned real hard on the Mayor of Hickory . . . insisting that he drop his primary challenge to Patrick McHenry.

Here's an excerpt:

North Carolina Forward and Backward

First, the good news: NC is on the verge of shaking its most corrupt national politician (yes, that excludes Speaker Black). RealValues has the scoop, but the numbers for Dem challenger Heath Shuler look good. This is no doubt also seen as good news by Republican primary challenger John Armor (who has been hanging out with the progressives). Maybe he'll get a shot at the title after all.

Then the bad news: the rest of the world probably thinks we're all a bunch of dumb racist rednecks after UPI's story on Raleigh's Confederate Flag Day:

What the Hell Good is it Having Republican Senators and a Mostly Republican Congressional Delegation?

With two GOP-faithful Senators and seven of thirteen Representatives pledging allegiance to the Leader, it's safe to call North Carolina a red state, at least as far as national politics goes. Me, I'd like to see them all replaced with good progressive fighters, but the one silver lining to this otherwise putrid cloud should be better treatment under a Republican administration. I mean, part of the reason we send these folks to Washington is to bring home the bacon, right? Well, they suck at it.

The [National Forest sale] proposal is skewed against the South,
which has relatively little national forest land, a fast-growing
population and increasing demand for backcountry recreation, yet
would receive disproportionately fewer funds from the sell-off.
For example, both North Carolina, with a total of 1.25 million acres
of national forest, and Oregon, with a total of 15.55 million acres,
have about 10,000 proposed for sale. Yet under the funding formula
currently used, North Carolina would get just $1 million in 2006,
while Oregon would get almost $163 million.

Southern Environmental Law Center

Military Madness 3/06

My father was a US Navy hospital corpsman for 23 years. He took a bullet in the back in Korea, recovered physically, and eventually took another bullet by his own hand after years of depression. He was a proud sailor and strong proponent of national defense.

He would be pissed as hell to see Republican politicians using men in uniform as window-dressing for their political and fundraising events as shown in the picture with this article.

Josh Marshall covers the story here . . . and points out that the offensive winger practice is not just bad taste - it's also illegal.

My Letter to the Editor

In response to Bruce Henderson's article, Preserve land sales opposed:

This unprecedented sale of our National Forests has been proposed to close a gap in funding for rural schools. This gap was created by the reduced revenues earned from logging these same forests. At what point does selling off our land base this year assure us of higher logging revenues next year?

Will our government simply continue to sell off our National Forests until there is nothing left? This is a band-aid solution that does not address the long-term needs of our rural schools, but will cause irreparable damage to our National Forests.

One more definition . . . hillbilly

This story is all over the wires . . . the sort of soft AP news that little papers and websites love to pick up. I grabbed this from

Encyclopedia of Appalachia tackles 'hillbilly' stereotype

Encyclopedia of Appalachia co-editor Rudy Abramson wanted a reference book that went beyond the stereotypical images of hillbillies and poverty.

"The place has this reputation of being just a different nation of poor people and strip mines and that sort of thing," said Abramson, an Alabama native and retired Washington correspondent for the Los Angeles Times.


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