You Think Senators & Congressmen are Exempt? NADA!

Theft of VA files puts Carper at some risk
News Journal Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON -- Among the millions of names and files stolen from the Department of Veterans Affairs this month may have been some pretty recognizable faces on Capitol Hill.

But even for congressional victims of identity theft, getting answers out of the VA isn't easy.

"We called the hot line. We got a machine. We left a message," said Bill Ghent, spokesman for Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del. -- one of at least a dozen members of Congress whose name and personal data may have been stolen from the home of a VA employee this month.

Your Taxdollars At Work!

Now they want to spend $25 million or more of OUR money to tell us what we already know!!!!! Your hardearned tax dollars at work! It looks to me that the prediction they made about 200,000 veterans being forced out of the system as early as 2008 is comming to pass.

Why don't they just send every veteran $1 million...have them sign a release saying the matter is settled...and then we can all get on with our lives.

I'm serious about this. $1 million is too much. How about $100,000 for each vet? That would only be $2.65 trillion dollars. And, this would be great for the economy because the "average" vet who would get the money would dump it right back into his / her local community.

Hastert on the Hot Seat (Updated)

Those of you who have been following the escapades of the feds lately know that they raided the House offices of Democrat William Jefferson as part of their investigation into his extraHouse activities.

If you were following that, then you are aware that Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert vehemently opposed these actions by the feds. It made you wonder why he was so up in arms over a raid on the office of a corrupt Democrat. You would think he'd be delighted to have the focus off of corrupt Republicans.

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Meet the New Poll: Shuler On Top in NC-11

First Posted at Scrutiny Hooligans

Just a few days ago the results of the Anzalone-Liszt poll, commissioned by the Shuler campaign, had Shuler ahead of Taylor by a 45% to 43% margin. Yesterday an independent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling confirmed that Heath Shuler is ahead of Taylor in NC-11.

"If the election were held today, voters say they would elect Democratic Challenger Heath Shuler, 46% to a 42%. When leaners are added the margins remain at 4 percent, 49% to 45%."
"PPP surveyed 687 likely Eleventh District voters on May 22. The survey has a margin of error of [plus or minus] 3.7%."

Name one

I'm appreciating Matt Hill's comments about feeling left behind by the Democratic party, but you don't have to be gay to feel that way, Certainly not here in North Carolina, where the main difference between Democrats and Republicans seems to be which industry they're beholden to. I'm sure there are some great people somewhere down there in NC House and Senate, but the leadership in both parties gives me the creeps. With Art Pope owning a solid core of right wing wackos and Jim Black trafficing in favors among favors, it's hard to stomach sometimes.

Do you have a Senator or Representative in the NC legislature that you're particularly proud of?

I'd really like to know who the next generation of leaders will be, because from where I sit, it's not very encouraging.

LGBT Dems: Dissent from the inside not a good thing

Ok... in my post on here yesterday, I kind of doubted going to the State Party Convention. I'm going to go now, but only to show the "leaders," politicians and legislators that I'm here, I'm open and I'm proud... and guess what: I'm not going any where and I want my issues heard, not ignored.

I'm not the only LGBT Democrat who feels this way though. There are plenty of us, nationwide, who feel as though our state parties and the DNC (under the leadership of Dean) have done nothing but take our cash and run.

I found this nice little write up today:


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