More Art Pope Hypocrisy

There's a story below that shows how one of Art Pope's Puppets protests the practice of economic development while he votes for hundreds of thousands in incentives as a Lee County Commissioner. While doing that research, I also came across this small notice on the John Locke Foundation website.

The John Locke Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, nonpartisan think tank supported entirely from voluntary, tax-deductible contributions. Since opening in 1990, JLF has worked hard to become the broadest-supported think tank in North Carolina.

The Devil's Tramping Ground

Warning: this post has absolutely nothing to do with North Carolina Politics. But it is about North Carolina. And the Devil.

This was news to me: in the woods near Siler City, there is a circle on the ground, more than ten meters across, where nothing will grow. For sure, nothing has grown there for a century. According to folklore, the streak is more like 400 years long. There are strange noises at night, and items left in the circle overnight are gone by morning.

One explanation is that a great Indian Chief, Croatan, is buried there. Another explanation is that Druids visited the spot a thousand years ago and did something... druidy... there. Of course, UFOs are a possibility. But the most widely accepted explanation is that the Devil, out pacing and thinking at night, wears the spot down and makes it sterile. Yeah, that makes the most sense. Devil's Tramping Ground links are below the fold, along with a question for you.

Willie Brown Execution May Be on Hold

I have no extra knowledge of this case, but WRAL has a great story on the possible stopping of the execution of Willie Brown. The gist of which is:

A federal judge said he will stop an execution scheduled for later this month unless state officials tell him by Wednesday how they will ensure the inmate is unconscious as he is being put to death.

Siler City Immigration Protest

I arrived at the Siler City Immigration protest at about 4:15 pm yesterday afternoon. There was a line of people walking from the highway starting about 1.5 miles away. People had signs and nearly everyone had an American flag. There were smiles on everyone's faces as we passed work crews, old couples, young people with their friends, and entire families, including babies in strollers. Nearly everyone was wearing white t-shirt. As we got closer to the protest site we could hear chanting in spanish, a nation divided can never be united. As we drove by the protest site there was line of policemen from siler city, chatham county, and surrounding cities lining the sidewalk. Also people were chanting Yes we can! in spanish. We pulled into press parking (some newspaper workers caught a ride with me( their article is here) and I joined the protest as the journalists went off to inverview and take pictures.

Carsner hits back at McHenry grandstanding

Congressional candidate Richard Carsner (NC-10) responds to what he calls McHenry's "pseudo" congressional field hearing today in Lenoir:

Congressional Candidate Supports Common Sense Solutions to Meth Abuse

Carsner Assails McHenry’s Grandstanding Approach

Richard Carsner, Democratic candidate for the US House (NC-10), supports all efforts to curb methamphetamine labs in North Carolina, but questions Patrick McHenry’s inconsistent efforts to address this tragically disastrous epidemic.

“This photo event today is a clear example of political grandstanding from an immature politico who just doesn’t get it,” Carsner said. “It’s a charade at taxpayer expense.”

North Carolina and Alternative Energy

I ran across this little article on the N&O's website with the headline: "Who Says that Alternative Energy and North Carolina Don't Mix?". Seeing the headline, I was excited to learn about the great things that North Carolina is doing with alternative energy (I was also a little surprised because I had thought that were behind the curve in alternative energy). However, once I began reading the article, I realized this was a case of a completely inaccurate title.

The article was filled with information on how the state's programs did not stack up. First off was the only good news, the state offers lots of tax credits for alternative energy use. But then the reality of North Carolina's situation was exposed.

Why I'm not Writing

It's crunch time ladies and gentlemen. I am having to take some time to get this house packed, painted and cleaned so we can list it sooner rather than later. I figure the earlier I get it finished the more likely it is I won't be dealing with this closer to May 2 and November 7.

The really good news is I think we found a house plan that is just right. We are now looking for a builder. If anyone knows builders who will work in Lincoln County please pass along their names.

I wouldn't normally have written a diary about this, but I just wanted you to know where I am and why I'm not consistently posting here.


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