what's up for the Charlotte Bush appearance?

I'd like to know if anyone is planning a counter event for the April 6 Bush Charlotte press event?

10:45 am THE PRESIDENT makes Remarks on the Global War on Terror

TBD Location | Charlotte, North Carolina


Is Mel Watt going to make any comments? Is anyone dialed into Charlotte activism? Whatever is done should probably precede the event because it's clearly designed to catch the noon news and might not get much coverage if it's afterwards.

Last time he came to NC (Kernersville), there wasn't enough notice to get a permit and the Kernersville police said their city attorney considered one person holding a sign a picket, requiring 72 hours notice which, of course, the Bush folks knew not to give.

Taylor's latest photo op turns ugly . . . well, into real journalism - oops

Shocking news out of Henderson County. Charles Taylor showed up for his normal bi-annual pre-election "I'm wonderful" photo op tour and an out-of-control real journalist showed up to cover it.

In an alarming set-back to the normally all-powerful, media-dominating Taylor campaign apparatus, a Jonathan Rich of the Hendersonville Times-News actually included another point of view in his article about Taylor getting credit for something he had nothing to do with.

It started out well for Taylor in an article titled "Treasury secretary Snow visits BRCC" [okay -- I'm not sure how to do the link for it: http://www.hendersonvillenews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2006604010338

Bush Impeached!

April fools. There are so many things I could have joked about. Black resigning. Taylor telling the truthHayes apologizing for selling out. But I figured to go for the big one. Unfortunately, the joke's on us. But remember, it's now seven months till November. Seven months till subpoena power.

April Fool's Open Thread. Jump in.


I guess none of us is surprised to see this happen. I didn't think the pileup would start this quickly, though. The second Democrat in the N.C. House has called for Jim Black to resign.

Rep. Pricey Harrison, a Democrat from Greensboro does have a slightly different take on the situation. He thinks Black should temporarily step down from his leadership position. Maybe this keeps him from the vulture-circling-the-body category, but it is unmistakably a sign that Democrats in the NC legislature are losing confidence in Jim Black's ability to lead effectively while he is dealing with his legal issues.

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I am going to post the funnies in the morning and then will have to get ready for the convention.

I am going to attend the Mecklenburg County Democratic Convention. It will be my second in 20 years. I attended frequently in my teens and early 20s.

Mel Watt is speaking and I promise to take notes and pictures. While I'm not fond of most of our board critters, I do think this will be fun.

If anyone can think of any questions I need to ask please leave them in the comments.

Sweet dreams everyone.

Rep. Coates Calls for Black to Resign

Rep. Lorene Coates, D-Rowan has called for Jim Black to resign according to both NPR radio and the Greensboro News and Record.

"I just think he really needs to step aside at this time," said Coates, D-Rowan. "He has been a friend to me, but I think he needs to focus his time on the court case. The Legislature, we need to be taking care of the business of North Carolina."

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