Stand up for Equality

Most Americans believe gays and lesbians deserve equal rights. An angry few disagree, and they want to write hate into our Constitutions. Not only that, they want to use hate to drum up Republican turnout in the fall. Loathesome? Yes. But it worked in 2004.

What can you do? Three things . . . all quick, easy and guaranteed to make a difference:

1. Oppose the proposed "anti-marriage" amendment to the NC State Constitution at:

2. Oppose the proposed "anti-marriage" federal amendment at:

Courage in Government?

Dear Joe Hackney,

You are the person who represents me in the NC House of Representatives, which means I pay special attention to what you do in Raleigh – and what you don’t do. And since I’ve voted for you every time you've run, I feel some responsibility for you being elected. Today I was reading your website and I found this listing of some of your recent accomplishments.

4.14.2006 - Awarded "Political Leader of the Year" by the Carolina Recycling Association, for NC and SC, for pushing through recycling legislation in the 2005 session

12.16.2005 - Joe Hackney to Lead Study Commissions. Several study commissions have been established to study issues between legislative sessions and make recommendations. Rep. Hackney will be Co-Chairing three of them:

1. Legislative Commission on Global Climate Change, co-chaired with John Garrou of Winston-Salem.
2. House Select Study on Capital Punishment, co-chaired with Rep. Beverly Earle of Mecklenburg.
3. House Select Committee on Ethics and Government Reform , co-chaired with Rep. Julia Howard of Davie.

11.12.2005 - The North Carolina Coalition for Lobbying Reform awards Rep. Joe Hackney and Sen. Tony Rand their Plott Hound Award for "Courage in Government".

NC Justice Center - Min. Wage event Monday May 15th

Hey folks, I’m enjoying taking a look a everyone’s comments and decided to take a few of them to heart. Our office is doing a big “news event” regarding the minimum wage on Monday, May 15th at 2pm. You can get more information at It will take place at the Legislative Building on Jones Street (likely just right out in front – we thought we might do it inside).

John Edwards, Treasurer Richard Moore, and ubiquitous “other public officials” will be speaking.

Anyone who’d like to come would be more than welcome. The more people, the better.

Hey, y'all: you're famous!

Anglico went and got hisself interviewed by the Indy! The article is here. Nice work, BlueNC! Keep it up. Props also due to Ruby of, who got a full-page color photo (she deserves the whole spread). If you live in the Triangle, be sure to pick up a copy and check it out.

Onward and Upward, as they say.

[For some reason the modesty that kept me from posting about this doesn't seem to be stopping me from front-paging this diary. Congratulations to all of you who have made BlueNC such a great place to be in the past months! --Lance]

Howard Dean's 700 Club gay marriage

fiasco is under the microscope over at Pam's House Blend today and Shakespeare's Sister.
He completed misrepresented the Democratic Party platform and has now recanted. What's up with that?

Here's a quote I just read in the DFA training manual as an example of how you have to speak to ideological donors who care about a cause or issue.

I knew that if I were willing to sell out the rights of a whole group of human beings because it might be politically inconvenient for a future office I might run for, then I had wasted my time in public service.

Minimum Wage Shenanigans

When is an increase in the minimum wage not a victory for low wage workers? When it makes business compliance all but voluntary. Tennessee is set to implement a one dollar increase, but special interests got a hold of the process and removed any enforcement mechanism. This means that it's up to a worker earning less than $6.15 an hour to bring a civil lawsuit for enforcement. This absolutely must not happen here. We'll have to be on the lookout: a special interest victor in Tennessee will lead to the application of the same tactics here.


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