Wilmington Star: Taylor, Dole & Burr Suck

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I've commented on this already, but it's nice to see the mainstream media crawling out of their shells long enough to smell the stench of Republican corruption and incompetence:

If you wondered why North Carolina gets so little out of Washington, here's a clue: The people we send to Congress rarely amount to much.

Medicaid Reform in Trouble in NC Senate

The problem may be too much of a good thing. The House had a plan to cap counties' contributions to medicaid and to appropriate millions of dollars to provide targeted relief to some counties, and eventually to phase out county contributions. (Details of that plan are here). Now Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand has added a provision that has split the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners and made passage seem like something less than a sure thing.

BWAHAHAHA Charles Taylor's Place a Dump

OK, this is just too much. I wish Screwy could get by to take pictures and maybe take them of all the Taylor properties. When an article shows up linked on a respected national news blog, you know you're in trouble.

TPM Muckraker has linked to the Asheville Citizen-Times article about Charles Taylor's recent citation for maintaining a trash heap on his property. Typical excuses were issued from Deborah Potter. If you didn't have anything to call and ask Chuckie T about today, now you do.

Ethical schmethical

Does anyone besides me find the flurry of action about ethics these days to be 99% bullshit? While lobbyists and legislators alike scramble to write more rules, I see only the delusion of accountability. Because the fact is, no amount of legislation to curb influence peddling matters in a system that is fundamentally tainted by money at all levels. Art Pope doesn’t spend millions to buy elections because he’s a generous kind of guy. He’s buying influence, pure and simple. And every single thing a lobbyist does – from sending white papers and commissioning studies to playing golf and making connections – is designed to further his or her client’s objectives. This is how the system works.

One way to make Hayes look weak: hold him up next to a real Congressman

Fayetteville Online has a piece up describing a recent visit with two members of our delegation in D.C.: Robin Hayes and Bob Etheridge. What it reveals about the two men is telling, despite the author's noticeable slant to the right.

Another taylorsucks.org update!

I'm proud to announce that one of our concerned citizens was able to have a nice chat with a reporter for the New York Times News Service a while back, which resulted in an article about so-called "attack sites" being published in many NYT-owned newspapers throughout the south, including the Hendersonville Times-News!

While this article does have a few glaring inaccuracies, the most important thing here is that the URL for taylorsucks.org was printed in the Sunday edition of the local newspaper in the most conservative part of the 11th district, if not the entire state.

2,106 and counting: Job losses in the 11th since CAFTA

4,200 manufacturing jobs lost state-wide

Since North Carolina Congressman Charles Taylor (R-11) failed to vote against CAFTA last July 27, his district has suffered 2,106 announced job losses.

According to the North Carolina Employment Security Commission, 505 jobs were lost from “import competition,” 313 from “relocation to Mexico,” 170 from “competition,” 175 from “declining demand,” and 155 from “financial difficulty.”

As well, North Carolina has lost 4,200 state-wide manufacturing jobs.


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