Old school v. new's latest chapter

David Sirota blogged today on MyDD something I desperately needed to hear:

Beltway operatives, consultants and other professional election losers, desperate to hang onto their little fiefdoms, label the populist revolt within the party as supposedly coming only from the "left" - but as Hostile Takeover details, extensive public opinion polling data shows that those of us fighting the takeover represent the true "vital center" of the vast majority of America - and the status quo apologists are the ones wholly out of step with the country.

Around the House

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A little legislative roundup from the House of Representatives...

HR 4200, the "salvage logging" bill, which we covered here and here has unfortunately passed by a vote of 243-182. The two most vulnerable incumbents in North Carolina, Robin Hayes and Charles Taylor, both voted for its passage. Virginia Foxx, unsuprisingly (and despite a visit to her office) supported the bill. Click here to see how your representative voted.

Robin Hayes, NC-08: Bought and Paid For

Well, I'll be damned. Robin Hayes sure is making it easy on me. I do enjoy research and I had planned to take a look at his time in Congress and line up his votes and compare them to the influx of contributions surrounding his votes, but I didn't think I would find something so damning in the first couple of minutes of research.

On Wednesday I wrote about the stunt Hayes pulled at the gas station when he announced he would introduce legislation that would provide tax breaks to those companies who install facilities to provide E85.

It gets better below the fold...

Boone, Buncombe Take Steps To Curtail Building on Steep Slopes

(Cross-posted at the new Appalachian Voices blog)
The Steep Slope Task Force in Boone, NC has approved an extension of a steep slope building moratorium. To be enacted, the measure has only to pass the Boone Town Council, which I suppose it will.

The task force recommended adoption of a 120-day moratorium on multi-family development on steep slopes of 20 percent or more grade.

The War on Sex

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Much has been written about American theocrats and their growing threat to personal freedoms and liberty. Nowhere is their passion more pronounced than in their desire to control women's bodies. We all know they've launched a full-frontal assault on abortion rights, but did you also know they want to control sex in general? Here's some food for thought, and an excerpt.

He Stoops to Conquer

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There's a fresh new face in the Art Pope Puppetshow named Terry Stoops, a fitting moniker if ever there was one. Having drunk the John Locke Foundation's free-market kool-aid in vast quantities, Stoops stoops to a new rhetorical low in today's diatribe about public education. Feel free to go read the whole sorry missive, but if you want to save yourself a headache, just jump to the last line:

Experimentation is the role of the private sector and students, not of the government and education bureaucrats.

I know Pope Puppets aren't supposed to think for themselves, but this statement is so inane that it doesn't even warrant the courtesy of a serious response. I guess we shouldn't expect anything more from people whose ideas are blinded by pure hatred of government.


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