Saturday News: GOP War on Women continues


HOUSE BUDGET GIVES $1.2 MILLION TO ANTI-ABORTION ORGANIZATION: Under Health and Human Services’ budget, an anti-abortion nonprofit called the Human Coalition would receive $1.2 million to expand a pilot program statewide. Money would be used to “encourage healthy childbirth, support childbirth as an alternative to abortion, promote family formation, assist in establishing successful parenting techniques, and increase the economic self-sufficiency of families.” When the budget came through committee, Rep. Gale Adcock and Rep. Julie Von Haefen, both Wake County Democrats, raised questions. Von Haefen wanted to know who would oversee spending for the group, which would provide “crisis pregnancy” services.

Youth Voting, Student IDs, Queer Rights, & Climate Change

Anyone who has read my blog history here on Blue NC knows that voting rights and LGBTQIA issues are close to my heart and political passions. One particular intersection of these interests is youth voting. Young voters more than other demographics tend to be very supportive LGBTQ rights and equality. And there's a long history in this country about deciding who has the right to vote at what age. And in North Carolina there have been attempts to roll back our pre-registration access and implement other measures that make youth voting challenging. Young voters will also get to live with the future of climate change in a way that many older voters won't have to. So we have a lot at stake in getting younger voters to the polls. In the wake of the new voter ID law and how that is impacting universities across North Carolina (I happen to work at one of them), I decided to write up a piece about youth voting and student IDs. I hope you'll check out my guest entry on the UNC School of Government blog entitled "Have you ever wondered why young people just don’t vote? Maybe it’s not them, it’s you."

Friday News: An ill wind blows in Raleigh


HARRY BROWN'S NEWEST ATTACK ON WIND ENERGY SURVIVES COMMITTEE: The bill’s main proponent, Republican Sen. Harry Brown of Jacksonville, said the wind turbine ban is needed to protect airspace for military test flights and to keep military installations in the state. Critics said the bill is unnecessary because the Department of Defense already makes sure that planned wind facilities won’t interfere with military flights. An 18-month moratorium on new wind turbines in the state, which Brown pushed two years ago, stalled a wind project that a Charlottesville, Va., company called Apex Clean Energy is planning in Chowan County. All of Chowan is in the restricted zone, and a ban could kill the project. Senate Bill 377 cleared the Senate Commerce and Insurance Committee on a close voice vote. The committee chairman did not ask for an exact tally, and one of the Republican members said later that he did not vote.

Everything that's wrong with NC Republicans in one picture

Thursday News: May Day is a call for help

NC TEACHERS MARCH ON RALEIGH TO DEMAND MORE RESOURCES: “I started crying when we were marching,” said Jennifer Collins, testing coordinator at Cleveland High School in Johnston County. “It was so emotional seeing everyone marching together for the same reason.” Teachers came for the event from across the state, united by some of the same concerns. A trio of teachers from Wayne County said they represented many rural counties where some school employees are required to have commercial drivers’ licenses so they can drive school buses when necessary. “I drive a bus at least two times a week,” said Isaac Davenport, who teaches agricultural education and voluntarily drives a bus. Organizers hoped the May 1 “Day of Action” organized by the N.C. Association of Educators would surpass the crowd at last year’s protest and build on the momentum that they credit with helping to mobilize voters in last fall’s election to break Republican supermajorities in the legislature.


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