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Daily dose: NC Early Voting stats and spats edition

N.C. Fights To Take Voting Site Away From Pesky College Kids (Huffington Post) -- Early voting starts today, Thursday in North Carolina, even as the state has pushed to move early voting sites farther away from college campuses. The Republican-dominated North Carolina State Board of Elections, among other efforts, has sought to remove an early voting location from the campus of Appalachian State University, which has about 18,000 students, many of whom lean Democratic. Last week, the board filed a petition asking the state Supreme Court to stay a judge’s ruling in favor of the site. On Wednesday afternoon, not having heard from the high court and with the start of early voting looming, the elections board hastily voted to keep the site on campus. Soon after, the state Supreme Court announced that it was staying the judge’s ruling and sending the case back to the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

EARLY VOTING DAY 1: Early vote in person day 1 (Thurs. 10/23): Total votes cast: 117,758: D 50.9%; R 29.4%; U 19.6%; L 0.1%

Daily dose: Here comes Hillary edition

Hillary Clinton to campaign for Hagan (AP) — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will campaign for Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan at an early vote event in Charlotte. Hagan's campaign said Saturday that Clinton will participate in the early vote event Oct. 25 at the Charlotte Convention Center. Early voting begins two days earlier, on Thursday, Oct. 23. Tickets are required and are free. They're available at various campaign offices in the Charlotte region.

Hillary Clinton to Join Hagan at Charlotte Early Voting Event (TWCN-TV) -- Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton will join Sen. Kay Hagan in Charlotte for an early voting event Oct. 25, the Hagan campaign announced Saturday.

A North Carolina Bridgegate?

As corporate-carpetbagger friendly as the NCGOP has made North Carolina since taking control of the legislature in 2010, they keep surprising. This latest revelation Monday from North Carolina echoes the billion-dollar, Hudson Lights real estate deal thought connected to Gov. Chris Christie's Bridgegate scandal. WCNC-Charlotte has video here.

Daily dose: GOP bait-and-switch edition

Ads take up education, contraceptive issues in US Senate race (Raleigh News & Observer) -- It’s rapidly reaching the season when it’s not safe to turn on your television, unless you dig political advertising. Friday was the day for both sides in the U.S. Senate race in North Carolina to launch TV ads. First up was another spot by Carolina Rising, a nonprofit that has begun spending a lot of money on behalf of House Speaker Thom Tillis. The group’s Dallas Woodhouse says the ad buy is $1.3 million and will cover the state.

Wos: DHHS will build stability before expanding Medicaid (Winston-Salem Journal) -- “Soon.” The state’s health secretary, Aldona Wos, gave that one-word answer – filled with possibilities and ambiguities – when asked when she would recommend expanding the state Medicaid program to Gov. Pat McCrory.

Daily Dose: OTC edition

Tillis’ over-the-counter birth control plan wouldn’t increase access (Carolina Mercury) -- When House Speaker Thom Tillis was asked during last week’s U.S. Senate debate whether or not he agreed with the Supreme Court’s recent Hobby Lobby decision, the Speaker had a neatly packaged response ready. According to the Republican candidate, Hobby Lobby, which said that corporations with religious beliefs can deny employees contraceptive coverage, was not about birth control, but about religious freedom. On the supposedly unrelated topic of birth control, however, Tillis was quick to note that he supports broadening access to contraception

More confusion among GOP leadership on teacher pay after McCrory letter gives yet another ‘average’ increase number (WRAL-TV) -- When Gov. Pat McCrory wrote to welcome teachers back to the classroom, he touted a "substantial" pay raise that amounted to "an average pay increase of 5.5 percent for teachers." That might have been exciting news, except that for more than a month legislative leaders have been touting a 7 percent average pay raise. House Speaker Thom Tillis trumpets that 7 percent figures as "simple math" in a recent campaign ad for his U.S. Senate campaign. For educators like Michelle Pettey, a first-grade teacher at Wake County's Brier Creek Elementary School, that "simple math" doesn't add up; 5.5 percent doesn't equal 7 percent and neither number matches the smaller-than-expected pay bump that showed up in her first paycheck of the year. "No teacher can figure out what happened," said Pettey, a teacher with 16 years in the classroom who said her actual raise worked out to be something like 1.39 percent. Josh Ellis, a spokesman for Gov. McCrory, said the difference between the 5.5 percent number and the 7 percent number is a difference in accounting.

Daily dose: Duh-bate edition

Tillis, Hagan to meet in first NC Senate debate (AP) — Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina and Republican state House Speaker Thom Tillis are meeting for the first debate of their campaign stretch run, a key contest in the national battle for Senate control.

In advance of debate, Hagan takes aim at Tillis (Greensboro News & Record) -- Sen. Kay Hagan rallied with volunteers and supporters in Greensboro Tuesday night, on the eve of her first debate with challenger Thom Tillis.

Daily Dose: $51 billion giveaway edition


The sour, critical commentaries that are populating the editorial pages this weekend aren’t the only things causing some heartburn around the McCrory camp. In the coming days and weeks there are even bigger concerns looming.. Here are five questions that Gov. Pat McCrory, his brain trust, top DENR officials and his legal/communications team might be, are, or should be, pondering:

News reporters don’t wake up on sunny late spring morning and say to themselves: “We think we’ll toddle on down to the Ethics Commission and check out Ol’ Pat’s latest financial disclosure statement.” Someone, somewhere, made sure the news reporters knew what to look for and where.

Add Lying to the List

Johnny one-note here, back with more on 5 NC US House Representatives' plan to take over the role of the NC legislature and set diver's license policy for North Carolina. It turns out that in their mad rush to replace the NC State government Reps. Myrick and McHenry have been lying to the press. Links below:

The Charlotte Observer has the scoop:

Reps. Sue Myrick and Patrick McHenry made a few alarming statements last week during their news conference to promote legislation to fight illegal immigration in North Carolina.


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