Some West Virginia state parks and other sights of interest

Jane and I just got back from a two-week camper van trip to West Virginia, where there are many good state parks, state forests and national parks. They're concentrated around the New River Gorge and the Allegheny mountains. For us, a "good" park means several hiking trails (preferably loops of three miles or less), campground toilets, reasonably flat campsites, and smallish. Extra credit for quiet and dark at night.

Virginia feeling sad about its neighbor to the south

And hoping we'll clean out our legislature this November.

North Carolina has strayed from that sensible roadmap in the past six years by allowing extremists to jerk the wheel. Come November, voters should seek out candidates who can steer the state back on course, returning Raleigh to the principles of inclusion, tolerance and moderation that once made it a jewel of the South.

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